Demo 2013

by Deaf Kid

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released March 12, 2013

Deaf Kid is Danny Gosciniak, Taylor Carpenter, Luke Granered, and David Hobbs. All music and lyrics by Deaf Kid. Recorded by Deaf Kid with help from Eric Schneider.



all rights reserved


Deaf Kid Nashville, Tennessee


Music and Lyrics by Deaf Kid

Recorded by Deaf Kid

Artwork by Deaf Kid

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Track Name: Deaf Ascending
Track Name: The Law of Club and Fang
Order is cruel fantasy. No civility.
Men of violence, brutes, scrabbling over
The last few scraps of meat
in an ever-growing fury
As the young and able trample the old and infirm.
They know only the cold grip of fear.
Here there is neither peace, nor rest,
Not a single precious breath of air.
Our hides flecked with the blood
And the grime of our brothers.
We revel in this unchanging mire of filth.
The only law is that of club and fang.
We are all lung from the womb
Into an eternal cycle of depravity,
Into our lives of quiet desperation.
Track Name: Curse of Crimson
Most ancient crimson curse
Corrode, consume, control
This quiet desolation,
Nothingness, bitter cold
Corrode, consume, control
ab imo pectore
Drag us to the deep,
Drag us through the filth
Drag us to the close
Unfed Gaia stripped of all wealth
This is how you are left,
Exhausted, little more than rotting flesh.
Thoughts come in the night, a blight over your spirit-
Of brittle frames, stern agony, of shroud and pall,
The shallow grave, the narrow abode-
All cause you to shudder and despair.
Dust of bone and sinew fill your lungs
You are now only food for worms.
Track Name: Ruination
I spit the blood back in your face
Return to dust; return to scum
You are my disease and curse
I have been reborn
With my veins ablaze
I am your reaper; reckoning
Justice serves purpose
My purpose; absolute
My weakness was compassion
Replaced by this compulsion
My hands lent to cleansing
Wiping clean of the filth
Of the men who live like pigs
Pockets lined with misery
Mouths filled with grief
The spreading plague of shit
Every day we wade through the shit
I lie and wait for the bastard
To start his day anew
The motherfucker who breathes for so much less
Track Name: Slave
This has been my life's disease
Condemned to polluted youth
Unforgiving teeth piercing skin
Burdened by the absolute
Scream until my lungs blow out
And I wear my fucking insides out
I strip the flesh from bones
I ingest the enemy's weight
The fruit of my devotion
Only brought a long dead savior and empty words
There are sons of God and abortions of sin
And I am heaven's bastard
Track Name: The Curtain Falls
the curtain falls-
envelops, wraps about their motionless forms
sheets as shrouds cloak their advance
all but lost in shadow,
muffled against unfeeling black gloom
shrink from light

Weeping maiden, sanguine nymph
eternal ebb and flow
deluge of teardrops fall like rain
her children dead, body ravaged
cast about, a victim of brutal excess,
all breed her voiceless lament

As smoke slips through fingers
silken robes, satin cloaks
the evening wounds, the morning grins,
drifting away, acquiesce to eternal sleep
the calming waves beckon forth
slither into the wooden cocoon

Thunder overhead, silent earth below
Blackened cinder, crackling embers whine
above the dance goes on,
silent screams and voiceless laments
wisps of smoke and drips of shade
hemlock sleep
bowed head and bent knees
shut eyes, an eternal prison